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We need to take care of ourselves.
Our clients need us.

A disability law firm that prioritizes mental health.

It only makes sense.


In doing this work, we are reminded every day that good health is a privilege and that it is our duty to ourselves, our families and our clients to take care of ourselves so that we can continue to serve others to the best of our ability.


We know there’s a direct correlation between our health and wellness and the important work we do for our clients.  If we become ill or burn out, we won’t be able to do our best work for our clients.


Many of our clients know first-hand the toll cognitively and emotionally demanding work can have on mental health.  When clients hire us or when a new member joins our team, they can be assured that we walk-the-walk when it comes to taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other.  


It's the little things.

Top 10 ways we prioritize our mental health and well-being: ​

  1. Certification in Mental Health First Aid and Trauma Informed Practice

  2. Monthly Wellness Days

  3. Hybrid work from home and/or office arrangements

  4. Fitness Membership at our neighbouring community centre

  5. In-Office Emotional Support Dog (Stella), who also motivates us to go for walks on breaks

  6. Respecting "Focused Work Time" to reduce stress of distractions

  7. Encouraging breaks for walks, yoga, meditation, and other de-stressing activities

  8. Sit/Stand desks and ergonomic chairs

  9. Commitment to adopting technologies that will increase efficiency, reduce stress and improve our work product and client services

  10. Good coffee and tea on hand, at all times!  The little things are big.

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We are growing slowly and carefully.

We are always on the lookout for bright, motivated, passionate and kind legal professionals (including law clerks, law students, articling students, junior lawyers)

to join our team.  We may or may not be hiring at the moment,

but if you are seriously interested in this type of work,

we encourage you to reach out to us for an information meeting.

Courtney Mulqueen is a Law Society of Ontario approved Articling Principal.


3042 Bur Oak Avenue, Suite 2,  Markham, ON  L6B 0R1

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Thank you for reaching out.  

We promise to be in touch, shortly.

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