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Teachers' Long Term Disability
You help others.  Let us help you.

Long Term Disability for Teachers, Principals and Administrators and Staff. 


With over 20 years experience, we know how to help Teachers, Educators, Administrators and other School Employees with their Long-Term Disability benefit disputes. 

Courtney Mulqueen draws on her "insider" experience from defending OTIP/Manulife LTD claims. 

Having worked on the "inside", Courtney leverages her valuable insights and perspective

to help her clients in their LTD cases.


Whether you work for a privately or publicly funded school/board and whether you are a Principal, Teacher, or working in some other occupation, you have long term disability benefits that should be available to you, if become unable to perform your work duties due to an illness or injury.  


Navigating the process or applying for LTD, even with the help of your school board, union and benefit administrator, can be a challenge, particularly when you are struggling with a serious medical condition.  Sometimes a little bit of one-on-one help is what you need to reduce your stress and be successful in your LTD claim.


You may be struggling to get answers to your questions.


We can help you decide if, when, and how to apply for LTD benefits under your benefit plan.  If your benefits are later denied or terminated, we can work through what options are available to you to dispute the decision (such as whether to appeal, grieve, or litigate) and, more importantly, which option makes the most sense for you and your claim.  

Education worker claims are complicated.  You may be unionized and wondering if grieving your LTD denial or termination is the right option for you.  You may be wondering if you are required to appeal the denial decision, or if you are required to go through your union or whether you can hire your own lawyer to litigate the dispute for you, instead.


You may also be wondering if you will lose your job/assignment if you do not return to work in September/January.  You may be considering returning to work before you are ready or in a part-time or occasional capacity.  You may be considering early retirement or resignation.  You may be wondering what happens to your pension if your LTD claim is denied.  These are all very legitimate concerns and questions that we can address when we speak


Whether your LTD claim is being paid by or administered by Manulife, Sun Life, Great-West Life, Teachers Life, Ontario Principals Counsel or OTIP or some other organization, we understand the nuances of self-insured and administered plans for education workers and what is required to successfully prove your disability claim. 


Mulqueen Disability Law is dedicated to proving disability for invisible disabilities such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Workplace stress/burnout, chronic pain condition,

immunological conditions and neurological conditions.  

It's what we do. It's what we've always done.

As parents with school age children, the team at Mulqueen Disability Law knows our school professionals and staff always put others including our kids, first.  We want to be there for you, for a change. When you are not well and struggling to find the answers and the assistance you need to prove your disability, we're here for you.  Our initial consultations are confidential and free.  We will review and assess your claim and provide you with practical tips, information, insights and strategic suggestions.  We will help you determine how best to proceed.  You help others.  Let us help you.

Teachers OTIP LTD Plans


The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) is not like other group disability insurance plans.  Teachers have unique challenges and considerations when applying for long-term disability benefit and also when appealing or litigating their long-term disability claim disputes. OTIP disability benefit disputes cannot be approached in the same way as other long-term disability benefit disputes.  

Having decades of experience litigating OTIP long-term disability disputes from both sides of the table (defending claims for OTIP/Manulife and representing Teachers and other school board Employees), we understand the nuances of the OTIP Plan and how to effectively prove OTIP LTD claims at the application, appeal, and litigation stages.  

If you are a disabled teacher or school board employee who is either considering submitting a long-term disability claim or if OTIP has recently denied or terminated your disability benefits and you are considering an appeal, we encourage you to contact us.  Please also see our blog articles and resources for practical Tips for Applying and Tips for Appealing

What is OTIP LTD and how is it different from other LTD policies?


The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) provides long-term disability insurance (benefits and administration of claims) for most teachers and other staff working in Ontario's publicly funded school boards.  Teachers Life also provides LTD insurance to Ontario teachers.  

The OTIP LTD plan is different from many other long-term disability plans or policies and litigating OTIP claims is complex. Many of the terms and conditions in the OTIP plan are not found in other group policies.


The approach that OTIP takes in assessing teachers’ disability claims and even in how benefits are calculated, differs from the way other insurance companies or administrators assess claims and calculate benefits.

Unlike other professionals covered under other group policies, teachers have unique concerns and issues with respect to the denial of their disability benefits and also with respect to settling their court actions, this includes pension and other benefit entitlements. It is critical that these issues be fully addressed in the litigation and dispute resolution process with OTIP/Teachers Life.

Some of the issues and considerations unique to OTIP and Teachers Life long term disability benefit disputes, include:

  • How the denial of a claim or the settlement of a lawsuit will affect the teacher’s retirement pension; employment status; and future coverages under their plan, including life insurance and future long-term disability claims;

  • Whether the teacher should apply for their disability pension;

  • Whether the teacher is able to keep their specific assignment while they are on leave;

  • Protecting the teacher’s privacy regarding the disclosure of their medical information to their school and others;

  • The teacher’s rights and responsibilities with respect to participating in OTIP’s “Early Intervention” and rehabilitation programs;

  • Whether the teacher must make efforts to return to teaching and/or make efforts to some other type of work;

  • The calculation of the teacher’s monthly benefit amount; and,

  • Whether the plan requires the teacher to appeal the denial or termination of their benefits or whether the teacher can sue for benefits are denied or terminated.


The answers to many of these questions are not only specific to the circumstances of each teacher, but also specific to the OTIP/Teachers Life plan.  Unionized education workers can seek these answers from their unions and we can also help fill in any gaps in information as it relates to the LTD plan.

How we can help.


Mulqueen Disability Law knows LTD law inside and out and we can assist Educators, Administrators and Staff in both the privately and publicly funded schools and boards navigate their LTD claims.  We understand and appreciate the unique stressors of working in education and how to prove disability (including proving invisible disabilities) and entitlement to LTD benefits.  You, like us, have dedicated your careers to helping others.  Let us help you.

We provide the following services to Teachers, Educators, Administrators, and Other Staff:

  • Consultation prior to applying for LTD.

  • Review of LTD claims forms.

  • Telephone Interview Preparation.

  • Consultation during claims adjudication with respect to Authorizations, Requests for Records, and Delays in decisions.

  • Review of Denial and Termination Letters to determine how to proceed.

  • Consultations regarding Appeals and Preparing Appeal Package.

  • Litigation and Negotiation of LTD claims denials and terminations.

  • Other "as needed" services and consultation if appropriate.

If we may be of assistance, Initial Consultations are free and provide valuable practical information, insights and suggestions.  Contact us to schedule a time to go through your claim and concerns together.


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