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We love to talk about
Disability Insurance 
all day, everyday.

While that might not make us fun at parties,
it does make for interesting webinars and insightful media commentary.

Courtney Mulqueen has provided free presentations to hundreds of individuals and groups, over the years. 


With over 20 years experience litigating solely Disability Insurance and Life Insurance claims from both sides of the table, Courtney Mulqueen has a wealth of experience, knowledge and insights that make for informative and engaging presentations (in-person or virtual) to various audiences of legal professionals and other types of groups, including:

  • Regional and Practice Specific Law Associations

  • Medical and Treatment Clinics

  • Occupation Specific Groups

  • Advocacy Groups

  • Support Groups 

  • Community Groups

  • Law School Classes 

  • Legal and Disability Podcasts

  • Paralegal and Law Clerk Programs

  • Continuing Legal Education (LSO CPD Accredited Programs available)

In her presentations, Courtney will share her knowledge, insights, practical strategies, as well as her opinions, in a way that keeps her audience engaged, often drawing on her own experiences and stories about her cases. 


Her authority on the subject matter is apparent and conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner, with confidence, kindness, and a touch of humour.  This ensures that her audience's time is well spent and audience members will feel comfortable to reach out to Courtney in the future, should they require her consult.


Courtney is able to speak on a range of issues concerning Disability and Life Insurance.  She takes requests to speak on topics that are a bit outside of her practice area and which would allow her to broaden her own knowledge base. 


Some potential webinar topics that may interest your group, include:

  1. Introduction to Disability Insurance Law: An overview of the legal framework and principles that govern disability insurance claims, including federal and state laws, policy provisions, and common legal issues.

  2. The Disability Claims Process: A step-by-step guide to the disability insurance claims process, including the initial application, medical reviews, appeals, and litigation.

  3. Understanding Disability Insurance Policies: A deep dive into the key terms, provisions, and exclusions of disability insurance policies, and how they can impact claims.

  4. Common Legal Issues in Disability Claims: A review of the most common legal issues that arise in disability insurance claims, such as the definition of disability, the proof of disability, pre-existing conditions, and mental health claims.

  5. Strategies for Maximizing Disability Benefits: A discussion of legal strategies and tactics that can help claimants maximize their disability benefits, such as working with doctors, obtaining medical evidence, and negotiating with insurance companies.

  6. Litigating Disability Claims: A guide to the litigation process for disability insurance claims, including discovery, motion practice, trial, and appeals.

  7. Emerging Trends in Disability Insurance Law: An exploration of the latest developments and trends in disability insurance law, such as changes in federal regulations, new case law, and emerging legal issues.

  8. Ethical Considerations for Disability Insurance Lawyers: A review of the ethical considerations that disability insurance lawyers must be aware of when representing clients, such as conflicts of interest, attorney-client privilege, and confidentiality.

To schedule Courtney Mulqueen to speak to your group (virtually or in-person), please contact our Operations and Business Development coordinator, Chris Comella at  She is also able to provide Law Society of Ontario CPD Accredited programs.

Courtney Mulqueen has aso been featured in a variety of legal publications and national media.

Courtney regularly contributes articles, and her comments featured in various publications (see our About Us page).  She was even interviewed by CBC in relation to a Life Insurance story.  The following are a few of her past articles:

Human rights tribunal should consider mental health issues in COVID vaccination policies

Uncharted coverage of vaccine exemptions, mental health issues

Government needs to get proposed disability benefits bill right

Stress for pandemic taking increasing toll on teachers

Human rights tribunal should consider mental health issues in COVID vaccination policies 

Disability lawyers credit their firm’s success to Queen’s Legal Aid student experience

Practice makes perfect: Markham firm where advocacy, empathy meet lauded for litigation

Ontario man says life insurance application denied due to anxiety disorder

Courtney Mulqueen welcomes the opportunity to be called upon to provide her opinion and comment on a variety of disability and life insurance topics.

Some "hot topics" that Courtney Mulqueen is able to provide commentary include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Long COVID and disability insurance claims: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is growing concern about the long-term effects of the disease, commonly referred to as "long COVID." Disabled individuals suffering from long COVID may qualify for disability insurance benefits, but proving the disability can be challenging. Disability insurance lawyers may be called upon to help clients navigate the claims process and obtain benefits.

  2. The impact of COVID-19 on the disability insurance industry: The pandemic has had a significant impact on the insurance industry, including the disability insurance sector. Changes in the economy, policy provisions, and claim processing are likely to continue to evolve as a result of the pandemic.

  3. Mental health and disability insurance claims: Mental health conditions are becoming increasingly prevalent among the general population, and disability insurance claims for mental health conditions are also on the rise. Disability insurance lawyers may be called upon to help clients navigate the complex process of proving mental health disabilities to insurance companies.

  4. Pre-existing conditions and disability insurance: Insurance companies often exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions in disability insurance policies. However, disabled individuals with pre-existing conditions may still qualify for benefits under certain circumstances. Disability insurance lawyers may be called upon to help clients understand their coverage and fight for their rights to benefits.

  5. Emerging technologies and disability insurance claims: Advances in medical technology are changing the way that insurance companies evaluate disability claims. For example, wearable technology may provide insurers with new data to evaluate a disabled individual's ability to work. Disability insurance lawyers may need to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements and their impact on disability insurance claims.

  6. CPP Disability and Social Assistance and COVID-19: CPP Disability and other government sponsored disability support plans like EI Sickness, ODSP, OW and WSIB have faced challenges during the pandemic, including backlogs in processing disability claims. Disability insurance lawyers may be called upon to help clients navigate the claims process during this challenging time.

  7. New legal developments and disability insurance law: Disability insurance law is constantly evolving, and new legal developments may impact the industry. For example, recent court cases may have clarified the definition of disability in certain contexts, or new legislation may be proposed that could impact the disability insurance industry. Court decisions for Bad Faith and aggravated (emotional and financial distress) damages are always a hot topic.

To schedule a time to speak with Courtney Mulqueen for comment or opinions in relation to a media story, please contact our Operations and Business Development coordinator, Chris Comella at

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