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This is a great place to start.  Keeping in mind that you may have difficulty with concentration, memory and focus, we've tried our best to make these Guides easy to navigate and understand.

In creating these Guides, Courtney Mulqueen has drawn on her more than 20 years experience litigating Long Term Disability claims. They contain valuable practical information, insights and suggestions for applying and appealing Long Term Disability claims and other disability benefit claims.

We hope you find our Guides helpful.

For information, insights and suggestions tailored specifically to you and your claim, please contact us.

CPP Disability 
Benefits Guide

Long Term Disability 

Appeals Guide

Disability & Other Income Guide

***We remind you that the information in these guides is not legal advice and there is no substitute for speaking with us to discuss your claim. Every client, disability, and disability claim is different. 

If you still have questions or want to discuss your disability claim,
we offer high-value initial consultations providing practical information, insights and suggestions, at no cost and tailored to you.

We are an extremely experienced boutique law firm that focuses on providing individualized (certified trauma-informed) client service and highly skilled legal representation.   We are selective in the cases we take on to ensure that we are able maintain our high standard of service for our clients.  


If we accept your case, we offer a variety of flexible fee arrangements that reflect our commitment to access to justice, while taking into account our own value.  If we are not able to take your case, we will point you in the right direction to ensure that you are able to get the help you need. 


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