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We know how to help.

Often our clients contact us not knowing what kind of help they need. 

And that's okay. 

At your Initial Consultation (which is always free and confidential), we will listen to your story; ask you some questions; identify your issues/challenges (often discovering some you might not have even known you had); and provide you with information, insights, and suggestions for "next steps". 


We will follow up our consultation with an email to you, after our meeting. We know we provided you with a lot of helpful information which you do not want to forget.  We hope that knowing you will have a summary of our call to refer to later on, will help you to be less anxious and more present during our meeting 

We offer help at every step of the way.

At your Initial Consultation, we will be able to tell you what services we can offer you and our feeOur services are listed below.


The type of help or service you need from us might change over time.  We know how we can help and when we can help.  We also know when you need us and when you don't.  We'll be the first to tell you, either way.


Our goal is always to add value by helping our clients resolve their benefit disputes and ease their anxiety.  Sometimes that means litigation but sometimes, it means simply providing a little information, insight and some suggestions to have your claim approved.  Resolutions without litigation are often the best and quickest resolution.  They also give us hope that sometimes insurance companies do the right thing.  We strongly believe that we rise by lifting others.


If there is a way for you to move forward without having to retain (pay) us, we will always start there.   

We may suggest few strategies you can do on your own and then to let us know if you still need our help.  You might also need some ongoing help from us, like reviewing your completed forms or preparing you for a telephone interview or explaining how a term in your policy works once you get your hands on a copy.  Because those things take us nearly no time and we know they can make all the difference to you, we are often happy to help at no charge and as our time allows.  We believe that only good things can come to us from us doing good things for others.

If the only way forward is for us to take over your dispute, we will offer you a Retainer Agreement. 


Below is a list of our most commonly offered legal services.  In addition to those listed below, we also offer our clients (who have retained us for their Long Term Disability matter) representation and/or assistance with human rights, employment and Canada Pension Plan Disability claims.  If you there is some other matter that we do not have listed, we may still be able to help or refer you to someone who can.  Contact us to find out more.


Our Services

What if you already have a lawyer?

We might still be able to help.


Consulting with your other lawyer to help protect your rights and maximize your settlements, is something we do.


Sometimes it may make sense for you to retain lawyers with different expertise for different claims.  Our clients' personal injury or accident lawyer may not have the same experience as we do when it comes to LTD litigation. 


There is typically no downside to retaining us for your LTD case, only


If we are retained for LTD, we often work closely with our clients' other lawyers who may be handling their injury or accident claims or employment related claims.  


We understand how various benefits and settlements impact each other. Strategizing the timing of settlements for different cases and tailoring the terms of Releases in those settlements is critical in ensuring ALL of our clients' claims are protected and all settlements are coordinated in a way to maximize our client's outcome. 


We provide strategic coordination of all claims, in consultation with our clients' other lawyers. Together, we can ensure our clients' rights and entitlements are protected.  

We can handle most employment claims (particularly those related to disability), but for more complicated employment matters, we will refer our client to one of our trusted employment lawyers, with whom we regularly work closely together to help our mutual clients.


3042 Bur Oak Avenue, Suite 2,  Markham, ON  L6B 0R1

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Thank you for reaching out.  

We promise to be in touch, shortly.

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