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It's About You. 


It's all about you.

Proving hard-to-prove Long Term Disability claims, like those for mental illness, chronic pain, post-COVID conditionsimmunological, and neurological conditions, is what we do best.   In fact, it's all we do.

Holding insurance companies accountable for the impact their decisions have on our clients' lives is what drives us every single day.  

We know that no one chooses to be unwell and without an income.  Invisible disabilities are as real as any other.  We'll prove it.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual client while minimizing their stress in the process. Our clients have suffered enough.  Our team certified in Trauma Informed Practice and in Mental Health First Aid.We take our clients' mental health seriously. 

We are also committed to our own mental health.  When clients hire us, they can be assured that we prioritize our team's mental health.  We know that if we burn out, we will not be able to help you.  Learn more about our commitment to our team's Mental Health and our Policy of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

About Courtney Mulqueen

Courtney has over 20 years of experience litigating disability claims from both sides of the table. She would be the first to tell you that disability insurance law is all she knows and this would be an accurate reflection of the dedication she has shown to this practice area, from her very first job as a lawyer to founding MK Disability Lawyers in 2016 and now leading Mulqueen Disability Law.

After graduating from Queen’s University Law School (2000) and articling at a leading insurance defence law firm in Toronto, Courtney spent the following several years acting as in-house counsel for major life and health insurance companies (including Canada Life, Manulife and OTIP).  Defending long-term disability claims, critical illness and life insurance claims for the insurance companies she new sues, has provided her with a unique and valuable perspective which ultimately, serves to benefit her disabled clients in their cases.

After starting a family and learning that her mother had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (after years of struggling with symptoms that were thought to be "all in her head"), Courtney sought a role that would allow her to use her legal training, skills and experience to help others suffering medically and financially due to "hard to prove" and "invisible"  disabilities.

Courtney's focus and passion is representing disabled plaintiffs who suffer with complex "invisible conditions" like mental health and chronic conditions that are difficult to prove, diagnose and treat.  In making the transition from insurance defence to plaintiff-side litigation, Courtney gained valuable experience representing disabled plaintiffs at a busy leading disability law firm in Toronto for several years before founding MK Disability Lawyers (formerly Mulqueen Karyampudi LLP) with a law partner.  Now, proudly leading Mulqueen Disability Law, Courtney continues to dedicate herself to proving her client's "invisible disabilities" to insurance companies.  

Courtney has extensive litigation and negotiation experience. She is a fierce advocate for her clients, garnering the respect of defence counsel, mediators and the legal community.  She credits her success to her ability to listen with a view to understanding and to communicate in a way that conveys kindness and patience to her clients and persuasive authority and confidence to opposing counsel. 


Courtney's view is that the better she understands her clients, the more effective she will be in conveying that understanding to insurance companies, resulting in better outcomes for her clients.  She knows that to gain the understanding she needs, her clients must be made to feel safe, supported and empowered Courtney has prioritized accommodating her clients' disabilities (including, adopting Trauma-Informed practices) as the foundation for achieving her firm's mission of achieving excellent resolutions while minimizing her clients' stress.  

When she is not advocating for her clients, Courtney enjoys time with her big blended "very Brady" family and spending time outdoors, particularly her morning jog with her sweet old dog, Stella.  When she can take time away from work, her favourite thing to do is to hit the road on a trip to anywhere with her three teenagers and dog Stella, an eclectic Spotify mix, and a large stash of unhealthy snacks. Other than moments in the day connecting with her family, the best part of Courtney’s day is the early morning, when she steals a few quiet moments to herself.  Clients and defence lawyers should not be surprised if their day starts with a 5:00 AM email from Courtney.

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Speaking Engagements 

  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association – Coordinating LTD Settlements

  • Action CIND – LTD and Invisible Conditions

  • Action CIND – What you need to know about Surveillance in LTD claims

  • Toronto Fibromyalgia Support Group – Ins and Outs of Long-Term Disability

  • Health Justice Initiative – CPPD Disability Benefits

  • Stouffville Lawyers Association – Developing Cultural Competence

  • Institute of Law Clerks - Mediation and Dispute Resolution

  • Neighbourhood Legal Services - Proving Long COVID Conditions

  • Many more webinars for Teachers, Support Groups, Community Organizations

To schedule Courtney to come speak (in-person or webinar) with your group, please contact us.  She is always happy to share her knowledge to help others navigate the financial, legal, and psychological pitfalls of disability insurance claims. 


Courtney also offers Law Society of Ontario Accredited CPD programs providing EDI, Professionalism and Substantive creditable hours for lawyers and paralegals.


3042 Bur Oak Avenue, Suite 2,  Markham, ON  L6B 0R1

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