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Disability is stressful.  
Your Long Term Disability case should not be.

Introducing our law firm

Litigating long-term disability claims since 2002.
Because the truth matters.

Proving hard-to-prove LTD claims for "invisible disabilities" including mental illness, chronic pain, and immunological, and neurological conditions, is what we do best.   

In fact, it's all we do.

Holding insurance companies accountable for the devastation their decisions have

on our clients' lives is what drives us, every single day.  

We are driven to seek justice.

We know that no one chooses to be unwell and to go without an income. 

Invisible disabilities are as real as any other. 

We'll prove it.

Our clients have suffered enough. 

We are certified in Trauma Informed Practice and Mental Health First Aid.

We take our clients' mental health seriously.  

Our Firm's Mission:

Achieve the best possible outcome for each individual client while

minimizing their stress in the process. 

How we can help.
Because proving your claim should not be that difficult.

Supporting our clients from initial application through to final settlement

and all steps in between.


Hello and welcome to my law firm.

I'm a Disability Lawyer and this is my Disability Law Firm. The best way to describe us is to start with what we're not.  We are not a Personal Injury Law firm that does LTD work and we are not an Employment Law firm that dabbles in disability. We are first and foremost and to our very core, a Disability Insurance Litigation Law Firm.  That's not just what we do, it's who we are.  

Disability Insurance cases are complex and disabled clients need special care and accommodations to ensure that the litigation does not make matters worse for their health and finances.  We believe that it takes a special kind of law firm, like ours, to represent clients in these types of disputes. 

I have dedicated all 20+ years of my legal career to litigating Long Term Disability (and other life and health) insurance claims.  When it comes to this area of law, I know my stuff and I know my clients. 

I know that disability can strike any one of us at anytime.  Being around the same age as many of my clients, I am reminded everyday of the privilege of good health; a legal education; and a wealth of litigation experience (including having worked on the "Dark Side"). I am grateful to be in a position to provide meaningful, life-changing help others.  

Our clients come to us at a critical time in their lives; suffering from serious illness as well as emotional and financial distress.  They place their trust in us to step in and fiercely advocate for them and their rights.  We do not take that trust for granted. Every day I strive to live up to our clients' testimonials. I treat my clients as I would want to be treated if the tables were turned ...because I know the tables could very easily be turned.

Learn more about our law firm's values and how we serve our clients...and find out more about my experience on the "Dark Side").

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"I highly recommend! Courtney Mulqueen is a very knowledgeable and reliable lawyer. She did what she said she would do! As well, Courtney is superior at client care. Being in a dispute with one's disability insurance provider while being very unwell physically and/or mentally puts one in a most vulnerable place. Courtney was mindful of the psychology of all this. She was sensitive and supportive. She treated me as a professional and a partner. Thank you, Courtney and Team!"



3042 Bur Oak Avenue, Suite 2,  Markham, ON  L6B 0R1

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